He have 3 different personality. Chris he doesn't know what he wants. He doesn't care about no one but himself. He is just a bad boy. He doesn't have a heart but will all that change? his past keep coming back. Breezy who is sexy but yet rough and aggressive. He doesn't care. His life was full with regret and lies. He wants to change but can he? Maurice who is very sweet but yet shy and sometime aggressive and rough yet sensitive. He doesn't know how to love at all. His life was upside down. He was full with betrayal in life. Can all that change? What happens when he meets her? Can she change him? Can he learn to love her? Can she pick up the pieces? She was hurt. Her life was just mess up. Her whole life she live in the past. She fall in love but all that change. She don't care no more but can she change into a better person? What happens when she meets him? Can he help her out? Can they both help each other out? Will they be together? Will they catch feelings for each other? The story of Chris & Asia
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